K-pop legend hints at comeback after regrouping as SS301

Although it’s not a full reunion comeback as many fans had hoped for, three members of veteran idol group SS501 have hinted at a comeback after re-branding themselves as SS301

The trio recent released an ominous poster online with the title “Double S 301”, along with the words “UR MAN IS BACK,” causing many fans to squirm with excitement. The teaser poster, which is in black and white, features the three group members posing mysteriously while wearing dark hats and blazers. In response to the teaser, many fans discussed the group’s past hits as they anticipate the group’s comeback.

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[+ 2214, – 42] I’m your man daladada~geudaeyeo

[+ 1709, – 40] This article is going to have me humming that song all day

[+ 1524, – 80] That guy who once said he could go anywhere with just the wind and white sails (Kim Hyun Joong) is not likely to be able to come back even after the army.

[+ 837, – 45] This gropu was amazing too ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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