Kang Sora provides late night fried chicken for the “Misaeng” staff

Kang Sora brought a delightful present for the stars and staffs of her current tvN‘s drama Misaeng. On December 12th, the actress showed appreciation for all their hard work and filming despite the cold weather by surprising them with 70 portions of fried chicken. This late night snack car brought a warm breeze to the long filming session.

With just a week away from Misaeng’s finale episode, Kang Sora decided to thank everyone on board for all their hard work. After much consideration on the appreciation present, she planned to surprise the team on filming set with fried chicken snack car.

Kang Sora commented, “I decided to thank everyone from ‘Misaeng’ who have been working hard regardless day or night for the past 4 months.  After much consideration on how I should show my appreciation, I chose to surprise them with national late night snack, fried chicken. Hope this gives a little energy for the cold winder and for another week of Misaeng!”

Meanwhile, the photos of delicious chicken struck many netizens’ desire for a late night snack. Netizens also commented on her elegant beauty and flawless posture in the photo despite being late at night.

tvN’s Misaeng airs every Friday and Saturday on 8.30pm (KST).

Source: eNews24