Kang Ye Won confesses on seeing Oh Ji Ho’s body

Actress Kang Ye Won confesses on seeing actor Oh Ji Ho‘s body during their recent filming of Taste of Love. 

On the May 1st broadcast of JTBC‘s Witch Hunt, Kang Ye Won starred as the episode’s special guest. Prior to her guesting, Oh Ji Ho introduced Kang Ye Won, saying, “Since she is so honest, she is always so nervous before starring on variety and talk shows. But today, she is quite relaxed because it is ‘Witch Hunt.'”

During the episode, a subscriber sent in a story of being invited to her boyfriend’s place only to find out her boyfriend sleeping face down with his butt revealed. As the show is known for celebrities’ honest remarks, Kang Ye Won too revealed an incidence of actually seeing Oh Ji Ho’s body, leaving the actor perplexed.

Kang Ye Won mentioned, “I actually saw his body during our filming for the movie. I remember that his body was very firm. Honestly, I look at guys’ shoulders more than the butt.”

Meanwhile, Kang Ye Won and Oh Ji Ho’s romantic comedy film Taste of Love is set to be released in the cinemas on May 7th. Witch Hunt airs every Friday night 11PM (KST).

Source: TV Report