Kangin shares his feelings about today’s young idols

Super Junior’s Kangin shared his feelings about today’s younger generation of idols who debuted in the years following his own debut.

On November 1st’s episode of Quiz to Change the World, Super Junior’s Kangin, Leeteuk, and Eunhyuk  appeared on the program to talk about themselves.

When asked which of the Super Junior members was the most scolded by fans, the members all directed their fingers at Kangin, making everyone laugh. Eunhyuk also added “he’s scolded not just by the fans, but….” signaling that the members share the same opinions as the fans as well.

Kangin replied by stating, “I used to be a hot rod before serving in the military,” admitting the fact that he was often scolded.  Lee Hwi Jae, the host of the program, then asked him how he feels when he “sees younger idols acting like you did in the past.” Kangin responded with, “It’s really hilarious to watch. See, later, they are all going to follow my step,” showing his funny attitude towards his fellow idols.

Source: Star News