Kangnam reveals that a famous producer stole his song

M.I.B’s Kangnam has revealed a few stories of hardship that he and his members endured through during their trainee days, one of which had to do with a time he helped produce a song that eventually went to another artist, but was not credited for.

During the recording of JTBC’s Inside Story Salon, when the cast members were talking about the question of the day, “When did you feel like you were being pushed over the most?“, Kangnam talked about the time he and his fellow M.I.B members built a recording studio by hand when they were trainees.

The idol star revealed that due to his agency’s CEO having to suddenly leave on a short absence, he and his fellow members were left with another temporary agency and CEO to train. The new CEO had then given Kangnam and the other members a job to hand-build a recording studio for his own agency. Kangnam stated that he and his members were excited to help with the building of a new recording studio because it meant that once they were finished, they would be able to use that new studio to prepare for their own debut. It was revealed that he and the others spent sleepless nights and even gave up their holidays to finish up the wallpapering in the new studio.

Once Kangnam and the other M.I.B members finished up building the whole new studio, it was given to a new girl group that was planning on debuting and the M.I.B trainees were not allowed to step foot into this new studio. However, on this day, Kangnam expressed his heavy disappointment for not only the time they had to build the studio, but for a time he helped produce a song that was given to another artist who made a big hit out of it.

There was once a time we helped out with the production of a song with a famous producer. I wrote the melody and lyrics and was even the one who recorded the guide version of the song. The song was not able to make it on our own album, but a few years later, a different artist released that same song and made a huge hit out of it. However, we were extremely upset when we saw that none of our names were to be seen on the credits,” Kangnam further stated, “I guess they forgot we helped out on creating the song because it’s been so long, but we were really sad.

Many netizens wrote comments of encouragement to Kangnam regarding this news, saying, “It’s okay, Kangnam. You’ve been working hard to get this big, you don’t need them!” “So basically it was a joint production, but they took credit for the whole thing. If the song really was that big of a hit, doesn’t it give Kangnam a right to sue?” “Dang, that really must have been so upsetting… at least he’s gotten big off of variety shows! Hope he can succeed more in terms of music too!” and, “Netizens~ You’re good at this whole detective thing, can’t you find out what song this was? I’m curious!

Source: Newsen