Kanto shares Christmas themed D-5 countdown image

On December 6th, Kanto shared yet another fanmade countdown image teaser with five days left until the release of his upcoming single.

The artist has been sharing countdown image teasers made by fans for the last few days through his personal Instagram account.

For D-5, the artist chose a yellow Christmas themed graphic to represent the countdown. The cute image features block letters striped yellow and black that are reminiscent of a bumblebee. A plump and long-nosed snowman can be seen peeking out from the stripes, illustrating the fan’s creativity. In addition, the snowy season is reflected in the piles of snow that sit in the curves of each letter, truly showing that the holiday season as well as Kanto’s new single are just around the corner.

Kanto’s new single is set to be released on December 11th.

Meanwhile, BrandNew Music recently dropped the music video for “Brand New Day,” the special family single track.

Check out the cute fanmade countdown image here: