[★VIDEO] KARA teases with “CUPID” for upcoming “MelOn Premiere” showcase

While KARA released the teaser for “CUPID,” 1theK released the teaser for their upcoming showcase on MelOn Premiere on May 22nd. 

As the teaser started, KARA was seen performing their latest release “Mamma Mia” while the teaser quickly then revealed footage from the teaser for “CUPID.” The group is schedule to appear on MelOn Premiere on May 26th and fans can anticipate their live showcase through 1TheK’s official Youtube account.

KARA will be making their comeback following the release of their 7th min-album In Love and music video for their title track, “CUPID.” Their 7th mini-album will include the tracks “Starlight,” “CUPID,” “Just Then,” “I Luv Me,” “Peek-A-Boo,” and “Dream Lover.”

Although the music video for “CUPID” is set to be released on May 26th, the song will be revealed at the 2015 Dream Concert on May 23rd at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.