KARA, MAMAMOO, Hello Venus, After School, and SONAMOO pay tribute to famous pop divas for “Arena Homme +”

Arena Homme + unveils the full pictorial for their special homage issue featuring MAMAMOO’s Solar, Hello Venus’ Nara, After School’s Raina, KARA’s Gyuri, SONAMOO’s Nahyun, and Kim Yewon. 

Celebrating the ninth anniversary of men’s fashion magazine Arena Homme +, the six selected celebrities paid homage to a tribute shoot featuring famous pop divas.

Mamamoo’s Solar initially unveiled her transformation as Amy Winehouse while Nara paid tribute to Courtney Love, Gyuri as Madonna, Raina as Jane Birkin, Yewon as Olivia Newton-John and Nahyun as Britney Spears respectively.

The full story, along with its shoot, will be included in the March issue of Arena Homme +. 


Source: Newsen