KARA’s Hara supports Nicole for her solo debut

It seems there are no ill feelings between Hara and her former KARA group mate Nicole, as Hara showed her support for Nicole via her Twitter page.

Nicole recently made a return to the stage, on November 19th, under her new agency B2M Entertainment with the song “MAMA.” Her return as a soloist was anticipated greatly by fans after she departed from KARA earlier in January 2014. After the release of her music video many fans reacted with words such as “Wow! She is so hot!” and “This is way better than I expected. Very nice.

However it seems that fans were not the only ones excited for her return, as her former group mate Hara also showed her support for Nicole’s return. On November 17th, Hara was quick to retweet Nicole’s album preview video. She did not say anything in her tweet but the simple retweet is enough to show her love and support for Nicole.

Hara retweets Nicole

Source: Hara’s Twitter