KARA’s Heo Youngji decorates cake to celebrate Goo Hara’s birthday

KARA‘s Heo Young Ji shared a cute photo collage on her SNS account attached with a message wishing Goo Hara a happy birthday.

KARA’s maknae member Heo Young Ji shared three different photos she stitched together of a specially decorated cake made for Goo Hara’s 25th birthday. The photos included are Heo Young Ji holding the cake masterpiece, the process of decorating the cake, and of the final product.

It is clear to see that Heo Young Ji put a lot of effort to decorating the cake with loving messages, chocolate pieces, and even multicolored roses. Every inch of the cake and the cake board are filled with heartfelt decorations. The messages on the cake says, “HR’s 25th Birthday,” “Unnie I love you -YJ,” “HAPPY BIRTH DAY BY Young Ji,” and “KARA’s Hara is the best!

Heo Young Ji’s message on her Twitter post says, “It’s the birthday of the Hara unnie I love. Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~~ Happy birthday dear Hara unnie, Happy birthday to you. I am happy that we are together >///<