KBS deems INFINITE H’s song “Sorry I Was Busy” unfit for broadcast

On January 21st, KBS came out saying that they have deemed one of INFINITE H‘s upcoming songs, “Sorry I Was Busy,” unfit for broadcast.

Debuting in 2013 with Fly High, INFINITE‘s hip-hop duo, INFINITE H, is set for a comeback with another mini-album, Fly Again, scheduled for January 26th. The mini-album features a total of 7 tracks, with the help of artists including SwingsLovelyz’ Ryu Soo Jun, and PHANTOM’s Sanchez.

Amongst the songs on the upcoming mini-album, “Sorry I Was Busy” is a song produced by ASSBRASS with lyrics written by Swings, Dongwoo, Hoya, and Champagne from Champagne&Candle. After a screening of their upcoming album, Fly Again, KBS has deemed the song unfit for broadcast due to profanity and vulgar expressions. In addition, the song features Japanese lyrics which KBS deemed an issue.

Source: Star News