KBS’ reformat of “A Style For You” criticized for copying MBC’s “My Little TV”

KBS has announced to live stream A Style For You through Afreeca TV, hoping to establish interactive-stylish show for live communications with the fans and viewers. However, netizens are showing negative receptions towards the new format of the show.

A Style For You, starring MC’s Kim Heechul of Super Junior, Goo Hara of KARA, Bora of SISTAR, and Hani of EXID, is set to air individually beginning June 1st. With the upcoming live stream, BJ Choi Goon, BJ Yoon Ma, BJ Jeon Soo Ah, BJ Jjung Dae will be joining the crew. Such new format of the show is reported to be set by the four MCs hosting a flea market and BJs rebroadcasting the scene, giving the opportunity for the viewers and fans to live-chat with the MCs.

As KBS has a history of allegedly copying shows from MBC, such as, Superman is Back vs Dad! Where Are We Going? and Immortal Song vs I Am a Singer, netizens claim that A Style For You is another rip off of MBC’s My Little Television. Although My Little Television does not own the format of live streaming and 1-man show, netizens are still accusing A Style For You as their initial format of the show launched in April is obviously different from the reformatted one.

Likewise, many also feel that KBS immediately follows similar type of genre and format of others’ pioneering shows. Although KBS is defending such criticisms as a mere ‘trend’ in the entertainment industry, many netizens seem to find it lack of professionalism. In the meantime, take a look at netizens’ comments:

1. [+8,902, -48] KBS is going too far now

2. [+7,330, -85] Hani’s on My Little TV too though

3. [+5,350, -44] What do you expect from KBS

4. [+5,114, -49] Copycat KBS

5. [+701, -38] I feel like Producer is also a copy of Misaeng

6. [+637, -15] I knew it… they have no shame at all tsk tsk. Too bad the show is in the dumps ㅋ

7. [+604, -4] They should change their broadcast channel to CBS Copy BS.

8. [+578, -8] No show can copy My Little TV as long as MBC has Baek Jong Won

9. [+525, -44] Hani, this is a bit wrong, don’t you think

Source: Osen, Osen via Naver