KBS reveals young girl’s breasts on air without censoring

Netizens are furious at KBS‘s latest actions after failing to censor a segment shown during Vitamin when a young girl’s breasts were shown.

On June 3rd, a netizen posted on Instiz a thread titled “Proof that KBS is crazy” and simpled posted a screen capture.

The segment in question is geared towards parents and informs its viewers on how to tell when your child is having premature growth spurts and what can be done to prevent it. Additionally, it further goes on to explain that children who are obese are more prone to premature growth spurts.

At a point of the segment, an example is used when a doctor is seen pointing at a young girl’s breast. The caption on the screen capture reads “Girls’ breasts starts developing before they turn eight years old!” and therefore, it is presumed that the young girl shown is around that age.

Other netizens commented and voiced out their disbelief towards the broadcasting station.

– That hand looks like it’s a man’s… I really hate this ㅠㅠ

– Shouldn’t this be censored?

– …….Yeah

– And on a national channel…. ㅠㅠ The girl doesn’t seem that young either

– Oh my god…. Are they out of their mind???

– Is this a broadcast accident? Not even censored heol….

– Ah, what is this..

– This is embarrassing…what no mosaic???

– Shame shame…

Source: Instiz