Keith Ape drops political-laced single “Let Us Prey” ft. Bryan Cha$e

South Korean rapper Keith Ape is back with a brand new single “Let Us Prey,” releasing the track prior to the release of his upcoming and debut EP Self Portrait.

Released on September 26th PST, Keith Ape’s new track is laced with political commentary, delivering a hard hitting message towards SeaWorld, a theme park infamous for mistreating Orca whale.

In the music video, he and his “underwater squad” identifies with the Orcas’ predatory nature, leading a pack of whales in an Orca-inspired BMW. They are additionally seen rebelling against society’s control as they venture out under a desert realm from the bottom of the ocean.

His EP Self Portrait is set to be released on CXSHXNLY, and will feature an fused work of Keith Ape’s unique style of wavy and psychedelic hip-hop.

Keith Ape has been identified as “South Korea’s first real rap star” by VICE after his last single “It G Ma,” which fuses both Korean and American underground youth rap culture, went viral with success last year, branding him an instant icon. To date, the music video has acquired over 26 million views.