Kiko’s bra-less selfie goes viral in Korea

Kiko Mizuhara, the rumored on-and-off girlfriend of BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, was recently mocked by netizens following a recent update to her Instagram.

On May 23rd, the photo she had originally uploaded on her Instagram was shared via popular online community, Nate Pann.

Though the photo seemed completely normal, the original thread’s poster pointed out a very minute detail that no one would normally see upon first glance and revealed that the model was not wearing a bra.

The poster stated, “I can’t believe she uploaded this picture”


A photo posted by i_am_kiko (@i_am_kiko) on

Netizens who came across this picture began mocking her as well, showing their disapproval of this photo posted publicly.

[+ 223, – 15] That’s because she has no need for a bra,,

[+ 206, – 174] That’s what GD likes to see ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 93, – 22] Kiko is pretty but I lost all interest after seeing her past pictures fk

Source: Pann