Kim Bum Soo releases album jacket for upcoming 8th album

Singer Kim Bum Soo released his album jacket prior to the release of his upcoming 8th album, which is his first release in three years.

On the released photo, Kim Bum Soo is seen in a naturally untouched hair without any make-ups. What made the photo more interesting was his gaze and his beard, symbolizing his manliness and of course, “No Shave November.”

The title reads “KIMBUMSOO” with “HIM” overwritten on “KIM,” predicting an unseen manliness from the singer.

With the release of this abstract but appealing photo, Kim Bum Soo is going to be holding a Kim Bum Soo Comeback Show on November 14th in Seoul. He will also hold concerts around Korea starting from Seoul in December, and will be visiting Daegu, Kwangju and Busan.

Kim Bum Soo will be releasing his 8th album on November 21st.

Source: My Daily