Kim Bum Soo sets comeback for November with new album

Renowned singer Kim Bum Soo brought surprising news to his fans, revealing he would be returning later this month with a new album with an interesting twist.

In celebration of his 15th year since his debut, Kim Bum Soo will be releasing his first album in 3 years. As a renowned singer who produced countless hit singles including Promise, Day, I Miss You, and more, Kim Bum Soo’s comeback is anticipated by many fans across the country.

The new album will feature not only ballads, which is his main genre, but also various other genres that will allow him to shine even more as a “singer of 1,000 voices.” Kim Bum Soo also participated in the production of his album as well, showing true musicianship.

Polaris Entertainment stated that, “Many fans have been waiting for his new album, and he is trying to live up to that anticipation by working restlessly day and night. This album will show Kim Bum Soo’s brand new change as well.”

Kim Bum Soo is currently appearing in the audition program Mnet Super Star K as one of the judges, and will hold concerts in Daegu, Gwangju, and Busan after the release the album.

Source: BNT News