Kim Byung Man causes worry after disappearing on the recent episode of “Laws of the Jungle – Costa Rica”

Kim Byung Man caused worry to his fellow cast members, production team, and viewers of Laws of The Jungle after he went missing from his recent recording. 

On the November 28th broadcast of the hit outdoor reality program, it was aired that Kim Byung Man accidentally disappeared during their night treks in the middle of the jungle. After the members realised that he was gone, they stopped in their steps and waited, stirring anxiety amongst the crew.

Ryu Dam, a fixed member of the show, expressed his worry over his disappearance by saying, “Without a leader to guide us, we were worried mentally. Whenever I come into the jungle, this has always been my main worry. There are a variety of possibles that could happen, so one should always be careful.” 

Lim Chang Jung, who had previously shown confidence in trekking through the jungle, also commented, “This is Kim Byung Man’s program, but how could it go on without him? He had been right beside me then suddenly disappeared. This is daebak. The challenges of the jungle. I didn’t know it could go to this extent.”

2AM’s Changmin, on the other hand, expressed his uncertainty over Kim Byung Man’s disapperances, as no one would be able to instruct the inexperienced junior members of the cast.

However, as the discussion continued, they could not suppress their delight when Kim Byung Man reappeared to join them, after accidentally losing his way.

Meanwhile, Law of the Jungle – Costa Rica gained much attention with their new fixed cast members such as Lee Tae Im, Lee Chang Jung, 2AM’s Changmin and more.

Laws of the Jungle

Source: Newsen