Kim Dong Wan releases tear jerking MV teaser for “He_Starlight”

Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan teases fans with a heart clenching video for his upcoming song, “He_Starlight.”

Kim Dong Wan of the legendary group from the 90s, Shinhwa, released a teaser for his upcoming digital single, “He_Starlight.” After releasing “He_Sunshine” about a month ago on November 21st, Dong Wan is following up with his second song, “He_Starlight.”

As opposed to “He_Sunshine,” “He_Starlight” aims for the darker side of his life. With the contrasting titles, of “Sunshine” and “Starlight” which parallel to the day and night, his first song leaned toward happy events while his upcoming song shows the complete opposite.

In the teaser for “He_Starlight,” Dong Wan plays a character who has a girlfriend that walks away from him, leaving him heartbroken and alone. He ends the video slowly looking up into the camera with his pain filled eyes attempting to a cause a hint of sympathy from his fans.

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Check out his teaser below!