Kim Dong Wan will release solo digital single, “He_Sunshine”

Shinhwa‘s Kim Dong Wan has surprised fans with a sudden announcement of his solo return with a new digital single titled “He_Sunshine.” Not only that, it was further revealed that he will be releasing the follow up single, “He_Starlight,” in December as well.

On November 11th, Kim Dong Wan shared the jacket cover to his November digital single, catching eyes with his natural charm and pose.

CIENT said, “Kim Dong Wan will be releasing the single ‘He_Sunshine’ this month, the first in six years. He has been focusing on and has been active in various fields such as dramas, movies, and musicals, since it’s been a long time, Kim Dong Wan is looking forward to meeting fans with his unchanging musical colors. He has spent a lot of time preparing for his solo with artists like Nassun, so we ask you look forward to it and show your support.”

Kim Dong Wan will be releasing his digital single on November 21st, with a mini-concert He which will be held at the AX Hall on the 20th.

Source: Daily Sports