Kim So Eun calls Song Jae Rim a pervert on MBC “We Got Married”

On the October 18th episode of MBC’s We Got Married, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun go on a shopping date for their lovely newlywed home. During the market scene, their unexpected daring discussion made all the fans have butterflies in their stomach.

While shopping, Kim So Eun picked a small toilet carpet, enabling Song Jae Rim to comment, “It would all be wet after one shower.” Kim So Eun replied, “Wouldn’t you dry yourself before,” and was startled when Song Jae Rim humorously murmured, “Well I haven’t showered with you… But I’ll try use it later.”

Later, when Song Jae Rim bumped into a playhouse hospital toy, he jokingly acted like a doctor and said, “So put up your upper clothes now.” Kim So Eun was startled once again, and said, “You have the lustful satan in you~ So perverted.”

Song Jae Rim showed much affection and care towards Kim So Eun during the episode by holding hands and naturally enabling skinship.

Source: Star News