Kim Gu Ra’s son GREE to debut with San E’s upcoming album

Entertainer Kim Gu Ra’s son Kim Dong Hyun is to make his debut as a rapper under his stage name GREE.
Last November, Kim Dong Hyun has entered BrandNew Music as a trainee. After receiving four months of formal training, he changed his name from MC GREE to GREE and finalized his official contract with the agency.

Numerous affiliates have recently confirmed that GREE will be featuring in San E’s upcoming album – specifically, he will be featuring in San E’s pre-release track that is scheduled to be release on April 15th. As this will be GREE’s first official featuring work since his contract with BrandNew Music, much attention is to be expected.

Meanwhile, San E’s full-length 1st album The Boy Who Cried Wolf is to be released by end of April.

Source: Chosun