Kim Hee Sun ready for spring with “Beauty+”

After a hiatus, Kim Hee Sun flashes for a spring photoshoot with beauty and fashion magazine Beauty+.

Although Kim Hee Sun stepped in the photoshoot with a bare face, she reportedly, brightened up the scene with her flawless posture of an actress. During the photoshoot, she executed various make-up that accentuated her toned body and youthful look even more. In particular, the black smokey make-up highlited her charming sultry eyes in all angles.

During the interview, Kim Hee Sun revealed her beauty know-how on maintaing a youthful complexion. Of all beauty tips she could possibly point out, the actress mentioned her priorities in executing a consistent skin care routine and setting a positive mind set.

The actress mentioned that she would never forget to put on hydration cream and face oils. Also, she believed that enjoying rather than stressing out about anything is essential. In particular, she does worry about drinking, yet, enjoys and takes a full rest after those occasions. Having a carefree and relaxed mindset seems to be Kim Hee Sun’s crucial beauty know-how to stay young and beautiful.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Sun’s full pictorial is available on the February edition of Beauty+. 







Source: beautypl and fnnews