Kim Jang Hoon lowers ticket costs for his concert to an affordable price

Known for his heart of gold and numerous charitable donations, artist Kim Jang Hoon has deliberately lowered the cost of his concert tickets to allow his fans to be able to afford them.

Through his SNS account on November 4th, Kim Jang Hoon posted a short, yet lengthy message to convey his thoughts on South Korean ticket prices.

The artist titled his post, “Kim Jang Hoon’s realism on South Korean pop culture,” and began speaking his disappointment, “Our country’s ticket prices for concerts are way too expensive.

He continued, “The reason why I began caring so much about ticket prices and costs this year more than others is not just because I wanted to be considerate towards my fans, but because I really wanted to begin changing the paradigm for our country’s concert culture. Within the last two years, tickets for concerts held in Seoul have risen up to 150,000 Korean Won ($138 USD) and even the rural cities charge up to 130,000 Korean Won. Due to my concert venue in Seoul being a small theater, I have lowered my ticket costs as far as possible to 88,000 Korean Won ($82USD)!

The thoughtful artist explained that although he wanted to lower the ticket prices for his rural city concerts as well, there were a few financial and production drawbacks that kept him from lowering the costs as much as the Seoul concerts.

Kim Jang Hoon also talked about how he wanted his concerts to be affordable for the public to enjoy and that he hopes for fellow artists to soon follow a trend of lowering ticket prices for the sake of South Korean pop culture.

Kim Jang Hoon’s South Korean tour is set to begin on December 6th at the Kwangju Yeomju Gymnasium until the 31st at the KBS Hall in Busan.

Source: OSEN and Tistory