Kim Jong Kook to appear on SBS “Healing Camp”

Running Man‘s phenomenal Kim Jong Kook will be taking part in a future episode of SBS Healing Camp, appearing on the show as the main guest!

Kim Jong Kook regularly appears on the popular program Running Man, always showing his immense athleticism and physical strength, which have earned him the nickname, “the one with the abilities.” His ability to excel at various levels of performance causes his fellow members and even the guests to be wary of him, making the show even more exciting. Because of what he brings to the show, during the 2014 SBS Awards Festival, Jong Kook was nominated and received the “grand award of celebrities for the year.”

The singer played a role in the Hallyu wave occurring in China through his appearances on Running Man. Recently, with his ever growing popularity in China, KJK successfully completed his first solo concert; also taking part as a surprise guest in the Chinese version of Running Man titled Hurry Up, Brother.

He is currently back in the spotlight again thanks to Infinite Challenge’s “Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (TOTOGA),” bringing back memories of the music of the 90’s. There are high expectations for Kim Jongkook as to what kind of stories will be featured during his Healing Camp episode.

Source: TV Report