Kim Jung Kyun serenades in “Nightscape” MV

Urban Folk artist, Kim Jung Kyun, also known as Kimgerji, released his music video for “Nightscape” featured on his debut album titled Moon City (달동네) which embodies his unique folk style with his vagabond concept.

Signed under CJENMMUSIC, Kim Jung Kyun has just released the music video for rich lullaby “Nightscape” off of his debut album in order to introduce fans to his creative concept that highlights his smooth vocals.

In a city full of splendor and sophistication, daily life becomes exhausting and tedious and is filled with hurt, sadness and heartbreak. Kim Jung Kyun has built a name for himself with his vagabond approach as he sings of heartbreak and sympathies for those who are wandering around in a beautiful city under the moon.

His lyrics talk candidly about every day life and tells of the bittersweet emotions that are swirled into our day to day struggles. His soft ballad and smooth voice give a luxurious feel although he sings about normal ordinary life. In addition, the acoustic guitar which is a fusion of folk guitar skills with a singer songwriter style brings a feel that is reminiscent of a lullaby as he serenades the Moon City.

His full sound transforms this vagabond from a beggar into a rich musician with melodies to share.

Listen to Kim Jung Kyun’s sweet song below!