Kim Junsu to comeback with third album, “Flower”

On February 11th, JYJ’s Kim Junsu announced his comeback with his third solo album Flower with the release of various haunting image teasers.

The artist revealed four image teasers that all give off a haunting vibe. One photo appears to be an image of legs and a hand. They are not only shrouded in mystery as the face or the rest of the body are not pictured but also in a translucent white blanket, giving the shot a ghostly feeling.

The following photos continue the unorthodox concept as Junsu is shown dark against a blinding green background. Although his features are hidden in shadows, his expression appears to be serious and calm. Next, a terrifying spider is seen crawling up his chest, its cold legs resting on his skin. Lastly, a frustrated rock concept can be seen as the star bears silver hair that covers his face, hands held to his ears in anguish.

Not many details have been revealed about his comeback, however he will be embarking on an Asia tour soon after the release. Fans can also expect a unique and personal concept with this album.

Flower is expected to be released on March 3rd.

Take a look at his teasers here:

Source: Sports Seoul