Kim Junsu reveals disturbing, but hilarious special video for “Flower”

JYJ‘s Junsu released a special making video from his latest hit title track’s music video, “Flower,” unveiling the creepiness but hilarity in its creation. 

After releasing his last album INCREDIBLE in 2013, Junsu recently came back with his third solo album with the track, “Flower.” Featuring Epik High‘s Tablo, Junsu brings an artistic and powerful concept to his new song that has fans awestruck.

In one scene of music video, Junsu dances the human population from a post-apocalyptic world, the background filled with dead trees and a fire as he dances with grotesquely dressed beings.

The special making video includes the production of that same scene from the music video, revealing each background dancer dressed from top to bottom for their parts. Each of the dancers make a disturbing, but hilarious facial expressions for the camera as it passes them until it finally reaches the artist himself. Despite the makeup and clothing he wears, Junsu lets out his adorable aegyo to the fans.

Check out the making video here: