[★VIDEO] Kim Kyuri bitten by a moray eel on SBS “Law of the Jungle”

Actress Kim Kyuri was bitten by a ferocious moray eel during her painstaking attempt to capture the animal on the SBS program Law of the Jungle.

On the November 14th episode of Law of the Jungle, actor Lee Jaeyoon and actress Kim Kyuri appeared on the show to experience ultimate survival in the wild.

At first, Kim Kyuri was worried about being unfit for such an intense program, but within a short amount of time she was seen ambitiously hunting for moray eels. Immediately spotting an eel, Kim Kyuri went over to catch the fish bare handed, only to return with a number of scars on her hand. Fortunately for the actress, moray eels do not carry any poisonous venom.

In the end, Kim Kyruri managed to catch the eel, claiming victory over the eels. Upon capturing the eel, she expressed her anger towards the eel, due to the scars it gave her.

What do you think of Kim Kyuri and her episode with eels?

Check out the video below for Kim Kyuri’s struggle with moray eels:

Source: Newsen