Kim Na Young releases “As You Told Me” MV

On December 8th, following the release of a music video teaser, Kim Na Young has debuted with the full music video for “As You Told Me.”

“As You Told Me” is Kim Na Young’s debut track, accurately showcasing her mature and flexible voice. She sings in front of a series of bright stage lights. Dressed in a black mesh button up, she soulfully expresses the painful emotions of the song. Her bright high notes and mellow falsettos suit the orchestral background music well.

The music video features the female lead wandering through an apparel store, her blank expression contrasting the various colors of sweaters hanging on the racks. It seems as though every motion and every gesture reminds her of a love from the past as she hangs necklaces onto the wall and buttons cardigans onto mannequins.

The track describes the complicated feelings of a recent breakup, hovering in a limbo between love and hate.

Check out the music video here: