[★VIDEO] Kim So Hyun chooses BTOB’s Sungjae over Nam Joo Hyuk at CF shoot

The stars of KBS drama Who Are You – School 2015, actress Kim So Hyun and BTOB‘s Sungjae, met up again for a CF photoshoot!

The July 5th episode of MBC Section TV brought viewers to the filming set of Elite Uniform’s photoshoot which invited BTOB and Kim So Hyun as their latest models. A writer of the interview program also shared still cuts from the shoot, showing the cute interactions between the actress and the boy group.

On the episode, BTOB member Changsub replayed a famous scene from the drama in front of So Hyun, in which she uncontrollably reacted with a laugh. So Hyun also shyly stated that she would choose Gong Tae Kwang (Sungjae’s character in School 2015) over the other male lead Han Yi An (played by Nam Joo Hyuk). This confession shocked Sungjae as he did not know that himself.

Sungjae also revealed that So Hyun’s house is close to BTOB’s dorm and suggested to go over to play with her when they are free, but was reminded by So Hyun that he is already married to Red Velvet‘s Joy.

Lately, BTOB has been promoting on music shows with ballad track “It’s Okay” and has released a dance version music video after gathering a million views within a week.

Photo: TopStarNews