Kim Su Ro takes medical leave from “Real Men”

Actor Kim Su Ro has taken sick leave from the hit reality show “Real Men” due to ongoing issues with his knee.

On episode 80 of MBC‘s Real Men, which aired on November 16th, Kim Su Ro looked uncomfortable due to his knee. He went to get it checked out at the military medical facility, and the doctor told Kim Su Ro and the staff of Real Men that there is a possibility that hee has ruptured cartilage in his knee. He would need to get an MRI done and possibly surgery as well, if that were the case.

Last year, Kim Su Ro injured his shoulder twice on the show and had to undergo surgery. Despite the injuries to his shoulder, Kim Su Ro continued to show his fighting spirit and support for his comrades.

In a recent interview he expressed his regret, “I really regret that I cannot stay. I wanted to meet the new members and create many good episodes with them. I really wish I did not have to take this leave of absence.

He apologized to the members of the show, and promised he would return healthier.

Kim Su Ro was recently cast alongside Lee Tae Im and Oh Chang Seok for the upcoming drama My Sparkling Heart, set to air January 2015.


Source: Kukinews