Kim Tae Hee interviews for “Entertainment Weekly”

Kim Tae Hee recently interviewed with Entertainment Weekly for their “Perfect Her” segment.  The star actress gave honest answers to reporter Kim Tae Jin about her beauty, boyfriend Rain, and her acting career.

Q: You are one of the top beauty icons in Korea, is that label burdensome?

A: “I’m not at all tired of it, but really grateful for it. However, it does give me a lot of pressure as I am gradually aging.”

Q: It’s Fall season now. What do you most want to do?

A: “I want to go on a picnic, but my friends are busy due to work. I don’t have anyone to go with me.”

Q: Don’t you have the special person to go with you?

A: “He is busy~” 

Q: How would you assess or grade your acting?

A: “Because I am still improving, I would assess my acting as B+. But it will soon be an A.”

Q: Which piece would you consider the best, from your career?

A: “I have special attachment to all the works I have done. If I were to pick a movie, it would be ‘Venus and Mars’. All my recent dramas are memorable for me.”

Kim Tae Hee interview on recent Entertainment Weekly
Kim Tae Hee interview on recent Entertainment Weekly

Source: TV Report 1, 2, Xsports News