Kim Tae Hee turns into Jiyeon in only 5 SECONDS

On September 4th, a netizen skilled at Photoshop uploaded a gif titled, “Tae Pretty turning into Jiyeon in 5 seconds.” The gif is currently going viral among Korean SNS channels.When Jiyeon debuted, media claimed that she was a look alike of Kim Tae Hee. This outraged Korean netizens that consider Kim Tae Hee the most beautiful woman in the nation. After this gif though, it would be hard for many of them to deny the resemblance.


 Wow ㅎㅎㅎㅎ it really is Jiyeon
– Dang I guess they do look a like after all
– I can no longer deny the resemblance after seeing this
– Well they change the nose, eyes, and face shape lol
– I still don’t think they look a like…

Source: Instiz