Kim Tae Woo to appear on “Hidden Singer”

Kim Tae Woo, the main vocalist of legendary group g.o.d, is set to take the stage on Hidden Singer this week.

On the November 1st episode of Hidden Singer,  Kim Tae Woo will appear as the competing singer. Kim Tae Woo, upon filming the program, stated that he is “so honored and grateful to be on the stage of Hidden Singer as it is a program that I always wanted to be in.”

Some have questioned the imitators’ ability to mimic Kim Tae Woo’s voice, asking if it is possible to imitate a singer with such skill and experience.

At the filming, the other members of g.o.d made an appearance to cheer on their fellow groupmate. It has been said that even the members had a hard time finding out who Kim Tae Woo was, piquing the interest of viewers in anticipation of the episode.

Be sure to tune in to find out who the winner is on the November 1st episode of Hidden Singer!

Source: TV Daily