Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora considering new Hong Sisters drama

Model-actor Kim Woo Bin and rising actress Kang Sora are currently undergoing strong considerations for a new MBC drama written by the famous Hong Sisters, Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran.

On January 23rd, we reported that the Hong Sisters confirmed a comeback to the drama scene with a new series under MBC’s broadcasting station after a four-year hiatus since their last hit MBC drama, The Greatest Love.

The Hong Sisters gained a large fan base after screenwriting two other hit series under KBS titled Big, starring Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo, and The Master’s Sun, starring Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub.

However, according to a broadcast official on February 25th, both Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora have been collectively and carefully considering taking on the lead roles for the Hong Sisters’ upcoming MBC drama titled, Jeju Gatsby (tentative title), produced by director Park Hong Kyun.

Jeju Gatsby will be a romance drama that draws a story between two young individuals, a man and woman, who leave their lives in the heartless city behind to start a new chapter in the somewhat rural area on the island of Jeju.

Many netizens and fans have been ecstatic to hear that two of the hottest stars in the acting business might be working together to film a romantic-comedy series that all young viewers have been longing for from the Hong Sisters.

If all castings and productions continue to run smoothly, Jeju Gatsby will be riding the waves onto television sometime in the month of May, following the finale of Angry Mom, the succeeding drama that is set to air after Kill Me, Heal Me comes to an end.

Source: Star News