Kim Woobin replaces So Ji Sub as the new face for sports beverage “Powerade”

Actor and model, Kim Woo Bin, has been selected as the new face for sports beverage Powerade, replacing its former models, including, actor So Ji Sub and national soccer player Ki Sung Yong.

Through this upcoming advertisement, Kim Woo Bin leaves a powerful and bold message, “No alternative power icon. No one can replace my power.” Coincidentally, the ad’s motto implies Kim Woo Bin’s indefeasible status in the industry as well.

According to Coca-Cola, “Looks, Disposition, Skills, and more… Kim Woo Bin excels in all these criteria. We selected Kim Woo Bin as he and our drink ION4 share overlapping qualities. We will be working on various marketing strategies and events in order to spread the synergy of our drink not only in sports but also in daily lives of the people.”

Congratulations to Kim Woo Bin!

Source: Osen