Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang to be the next “We Got Married” couple

We Got Married introduces actress Kim So Yeon and actor Kwak Si Yang as their next couple.

Kim So Yeon has been loved by fans after appearing in a variety of programs and dramas including Iris, Two Weeks, and Real Men: Female Special. Actor Kwak Si Yang has gained popularity as he proved his acting skills in dramas Oh My Ghostess and Everything Will Be Alright.

With the Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seng Yeon couple preparing to leave the show, Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang will meet for the first time on August 27th. As a couple, they will be showing a different side to We Got Married as they are both in the acting industry and Kwak Si Yang is seven years younger.

Netizens appear quite excited for this refreshing change of pace:

[ +3400 / -126] “I have to watch this because of “Cordon” (the character Kwak Si Yang played in Oh My Ghostess)”

[ +3013 / -55] “What is this combination..??”

[ +2668 / -97] “Kwak Si Yang was such a good actor on Oh My Ghostess”

[ +1765 / -59] “Kim So Yeon meaning the Kim So Yeon from Iris?

[ +1697 / 121] “Oh this is fresh hahahahaha

[ +672 / -17] “Hul doesn’t Kim So Yeon already have a good image.. Why is she bothering to appear on We Got Married???'”

Source: OSENComments: OSEN vis Naver

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