Kim Yoo Jung addresses plastic surgery rumors

Celebrities are often accused of receiving plastic surgery if their looks appear to change over time, and actress Kim Yoo Jung addressed such rumors on a recent broadcast. 

When questioned about whether or not she received any cosmetic surgery, the young actress was surprised that there were people who believed her looks have changed enough to warrant such rumors. In response, she replied that she’s lost a lot of her baby fat, which might serve to explain the perception that her looks have been altered.

Fans expressed their opinions on the rumors and Kim Yoo Jung’s answer, with a majority of responses ridiculing the rumors.


[+ 1292, – 25] Plastic surgery my ass she looks the same as when she was a baby

[+ 1028, – 24] She’s grown up in front of our eyes what are people talking about..

[+ 724, – 20] She grew up so well she’s so beautiful..

Source: Newsen