Kim Yoo Jung gets photobombed by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

On November 16th, Kim Yoo Jung celebrated her MC debut on SBS Inkigayo with several photos, but unknowingly was photobombed by Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun.The 16 year-old actress looked very age-appropriate with a simple hot-pink dress, which she wore during her special performance of Apink‘s “Mr. Chu” on the broadcast. She took several photos, striking a number of cute gwiyomi poses backstage while wearing a charming smile. Kyuhyun, who made a solo comeback with “At Gwanghwamun” on the show, appeared to have noticed the actress’s mini photoshoot, and decided to join in on the fun.

The singer posed for photos behind Kim Yoo Jung, but unlike the actress, he appeared in all the photos with the same facial expression and stance, leading to a very humorous result. She might not have noticed Kyuhyun at the time the pictures were taken, but she was clearly amused by the singer’s photobomb, as her agency SidusHQ uploaded the photos onto Twitter for fans to enjoy!

How do you feel about Kyuhyun’s photobomb?

Both Kim Yoo Jung and Kyuhyun both delivered great performances on the latest episode SBS Inkigayo, which you can watch right here!

Source: Dispatch