Kim Yoon Ah reveals MV for OST track “Lucid Dream” ft. Olltii

Jaurim’s vocalist Kim Yoon Ah revealed a mysterious music video for the OST track, “Lucid Dream” from the drama Missing Noir M.

Missing Noir M is a short 10 episode drama that airs on OCN. The drama revolves around a genius who attended Harvard University at the age of ten before working at the FBI for ten years. He decides to move to South Korea and becomes the leader of the Special Missing Persons Unit. While appearing as a perfect person on the outside, the main character actuallhy holds a deep and dark secret.

The music video for the track “Lucid Dream” features rapper Olltii where the two make an effective collaboration for the drama. Kim Yoon Ah’s sweet and graceful voice balances out Olltii’s strong and furious rapping in the song.

Additionally, the music video displays clips from the drama, revealing many scenes of detectives studying the cause of death for multiple crimes, going from the investigation room to the hospital.

Check out the music video below:

Source: Sisa Week