Kim Yoon Seok and Kang Dong Won to make big screen comeback with “Dark Priests”

Veteran actord Kim Yoon Seok and Kang Dong Won will be reuniting for a big screen comeback with their upcoming film, Dark Priests.

According to the film industry on December 8th, Kim Yoon Seok and Kang Dong Won have recently begun looking into, and mediating, detailed matters after confirming their decisions to star in the new movie, Dark Priests (tentative English title).

Dark Priests is a film that draws a story about two Catholic priests who get involved in a series of afflictive incidents. This film is deemed as the new year’s biggest project by the same production team that created All About My Wife (2012) and Cold Eyes (2013).

Both Kang Dong Won and Kim Yoon Seok have previously worked together on the 2009 hit film, Jeon Woochi.

Many netizens have become overjoyed by the news of top actors Kim Yoon Seok and Kang Dong Won teaming together for a new movie, leaving comments such as, “I can’t believe this pairing is finally coming back!” “Can’t wait for this movie!!! These two together will make such an interesting plot,” and, “Kim Yoon Seok is one of the greatest veteran actors and Kang Dong Won is handsome and so good at these thriller roles… I’ll definitely be watching the day it comes out.

Source: Star News, Canon CI, and Daum