Kim Young Kwang reveals he would never go public with his relationships

Model-actor Kim Young Kwang has revealed his ideal type during an interview with OSEN and said he would never go public with a relationship if he were ever involved in one.

On January 30th, OSEN released a short snippet of an interview they had with the rising model-actor Kim Young Kwang, who starred in the latest SBS drama Pinocchio as a character named Seo Bum Jo, alongside model-actor Lee Jong Suk and actresses Park Shin Hye and Lee Yubi.

The role of Seo Bum Jo’s character is a young and handsome heir to a wealthy corporation who has a heartbreaking crush on Choi In Ha, played by Park Shin Hye. When OSEN asked the actor whether or not he had ever had a crush on someone, Kim Young Kwang answered, “Most definitely. However, unlike Seo Bum Jo’s character, I didn’t crush on the person for 13 years. The crush I had was a lot shorter than that.

Kim Young Kwang then stated, “I am currently not in a relationship, but even if I were, I wouldn’t reveal it to the public. I feel like it would be difficult to go public with a relationship if I were dating someone. It’s something that only I want to know and I feel like I’d want to protect the person I like.

OSEN then asked the model-actor what his ideal type for a woman was, in which he replied, “I like someone who is like a mother; someone I can feel very comfortable with and can get along very closely with.

Source: OSEN