“King of Masked Singer” reveals hefty fine used to deter spoilers

With the recent rise of music shows and the leak of top 16 contestants of Show Me The Money 4, netizens have begun wondering why the popular show King of Masked Singer is not suffering from such spoilers. 

Daily Sports’ report on July 6th explains the reason behind the lack of spoilers for this popular show.

According to an audience member who attended the shooting, “Before entering the studio, everyone signs a paper that the staff hands out. It states that one promises not to release any information regarding the broadcast on a blog or SNS. If one does, one agrees to compensate by paying for the production of one episode of the show.

The person continued to say, “You are allowed to enter the premises with your cell phone but they give you stickers to put over your camera and seeing the staff work so hard to prevent spoilers, no one really tries to get around it to take pictures.

The producer of the show, Min Chul Gi, told Sports Korea“The compensation through paying for one episode of the show is there for more of a safety measure. The damage caused by spoilers exceeds that of the actual cost of one episode and it acts as a simple deterrent. If one does not agree to such measures they have the choice of not partaking in the filming of the show. I feel that everything we do is within bounds of common sense and a safety measure that is necessary to prevent spoilers.

Source: Sports Korea and Herald Finance