Kiss&Cry’s So Yumi to make solo debut this month

Announced by So Yumi herself, who was previously promoting in girl groups VNT and Kiss&Cry, she will be releasing her first solo album this month!

VNT was formed in 2011, but disbanded a few months later, while Kiss&Cry is also suspected to have disbanded after their debut in 2013.

The artist is now preparing to start a new phase of her life, as she updated her personal Instagram account with details of her upcoming solo debut.

She captioned her post with “4/21 So Yumi – Shake it please. My first solo album is coming out!!!! Please show lots of support ♡.♡,” even adding some aegyo as she was previously the youngest member of Kiss&Cry.

Shake it Please (working translation) is suspected to be the name of her album name or title track.