Kisum shows her support for Genneo’s “Think About Us”

Following f(x)’s Amber‘s recent Twitter and Instagram update of a cover of singer-songwriter-producer Genneo’s debut single, a video featuring rapper Kisum was also shared on 1theK’s official youtube channel.

In the video, Kisum alongside a few friends were in a recording studio with Genneo’s “Think About Us” as the background music. Kisum showed her support for the artist through cheering for the producer’s debut while her friends are seen enjoying the music a lot.

Meanwhile, before Genneo’s individual debut, he has composed and produced for his longtime friend Henry as well as his group Super Junior M, Amber, and also g.o.d.

Check out Kisum’s video below:

The full track of “Think About Us” is also shared on MAPPS’ official youtube channel: