Koreaboo and Dispatch announce exclusive partnership

Koreaboo and Korean media portal Dispatch have officially created an exclusive partnership for K-Pop content starting in 2015. The two media organizations will release exclusive videos, photos, and news articles moving forward, with English translations available only on Koreaboo first.

Dispatch was launched in March 2011 and was initially made up of just 11 staff members who were former members of Sports Seoul. The same staff broke news of KARA’s Goo Hara and BEAST’s Junhyung dating news while at Sports Seoul, and have since gone on to break some of the biggest stories in K-Pop.

Unlike other outlets, who keep the names of celebrities under wraps, report news by sourcing rumors told through several unidentified associates and “insiders,” Dispatch focuses their efforts on exposing the facts with hard picture evidence. The company works under a set of rules, revealing, “We have a set of rules [we] abide by: articles are not released unless we’ve confirmed them with photo evidence in four different instances, we do not report on the relationships of rookie stars, and we do not expose adultery.”

Koreaboo launched in September 2010, going on to produce numerous concerts, festivals, auditions, and more, before relaunching their website in 2014. Since founding the biggest K-Pop festival in the United States, KCON, Koreaboo has gone on to prove themselves as a leader in the K-Pop industry with over 6 million unique readers a month.

Under this new exclusive partnership, Koreaboo will be delivering video and photo content directly from Dispatch in English on Koreaboo’s YouTube ChannelBreaking news will be delivered exclusively to Koreaboo and will be translated in English, being announced simultaneously with Dispatch in Korea, setting unprecedented access for English-speaking readers.

Stay tuned for more announcements from Koreaboo and Dispatch together in 2015!

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