Koreaboo and TV Report announce exclusive partnership

Koreaboo and leading Korean news company TV Report have officially created an exclusive partnership for news content starting in 2015, following Koreaboo’s exclusive partnership with Dispatch.

The two media organizations will be sharing exclusive news content, providing the latest updates on top Korean celebrities and entertainment companies moving forward. English translations of Korean content will be updated on a consistent basis on Koreaboo, available first before other international media portal sites.

TV Report is one of the largest media organizations in Korea, covering entertainment, TV, social, culture, lifestyle news and more from South Korea. The organization works closely with major companies to host events, marathons, and national film festivals in order to give back to Korean society.

Koreaboo launched in September 2010, going on to produce numerous concerts, festivals, auditions, and more, before relaunching their website in 2014. Since founding the biggest K-Pop festival in the United States, KCON, Koreaboo has gone on to prove themselves as a leader in the K-Pop industry with over 6 million unique readers a month.

This is the second exclusive partnership Koreaboo has launched in 2015, and the beginning of a global takeover of Korean content in order to provide faster and more reliable news to international fans. Koreaboo has plans to launch multi-language support in 2015 as well as collaborative platform features in the coming months, with major announcements expected to be revealed soon.

Stay tuned for more from Koreaboo and TV Report!