Korean actress Jung Ga Eun criticized by netizens for sharing breastfeeding photo on Instagram

Korean actress Jung Ga Eun is getting negative responses after posting a photo of herself whilst breastfeeding. 

On August 11th, Jung Ga Eun posted a photo of herself with her newborn daughter through Instagram. The photo featured the actress in a selca, holding the V-sign, while breastfeeding her daughter and came with a caption saying, “Selca, while breastfeeding.” 

Although the birth of her daughter was celebrated by her fans a few days ago, some netizens cannot help but criticise the actress for the necessity of the post. Others thought that Ga Eun was simply breast feeding for the purpose of having her photo taken and was called out for the private nature of the photos.

Image: Gaeun’s Instagram / Newsen

Source: Newsen