Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo PRAISED After REJECTING Sponsorship Offer

Song Hye Kyo has earned a lot of praise and recognition for her acting in hit drama Descendants of the Sun

And with the drama’s popularity having shot the actress up to superstar status, she’s also been receiving a lot of sponsorship offers as well. However, Song Hye Gyo recently turned down a sponsorship offer from Japanese automotive company Mitsubishi. Referring to accusations of the company using forced labor during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea, the actress stated that she is unwilling to represent a criminal company. After hearing her decision, many netizens praised the actress for her act of patriotism and selflessness.

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[+ 3156, – 113] Great decision I applaud you

[+ 2921, – 166] Such a big difference with those celebs that did the water commercial

[+ 2653, – 106] Nice Song Hye Kyo!! Let us not forget Hashima mines

Source: TV Report